As Las Vegas Market arrives, take a look inside Nourison's newest, most eclectic luxury rug collection

This month, Portfolio by Nourison makes its official debut at Las Vegas Market, rolling out a diverse collection of contemporary area rugs with the help of some of the country’s top interior designers. With such a wide range of creative talent converging into a single line, we decided to ask our designers about their influences and styles, and how that reflects on their own contributions:

Q. When you design rugs for this collection, what’s the first thing you think about: Color? Design? Texture?

Kim Scodro: Color was the driving force for our rug collection. When you have a quality manufacturer such as Nourison you know your color selections will be executed exactly as envisioned.

Woodson & Rummerfield: The first thing we think of is the aesthetic value — how the rug will look in a setting and the merit at which we would use them. Quality and craftsmanship are the next extremely important attributes that we would think about. We think about who the end user will be, someone who loves great style and has great style and wants their home or office space to reflect that.

Scot Meacham Wood: I always start with pattern, partly because we have always focused on historic tartans as the basis for much of my design work. Tartans are quite amazing, because the palette of the colors actually mixes on the surface of the textile as the warp and weft colors interact. For the carpet collection, I love that we were able to break down the colors — almost to a DNA level — so that you experience the amazing depth of each hue.

Catherine & Justine Macfee: When approaching designing rugs, we start with pattern and scale, then texture and color. We believe if the pattern, scale, and textures are spot on, any color combination will be successful!

Shay Geyer: It’s really all about color for me and new interpretations and playing with scale on traditional motifs and patterns.

Q. Which of your own rugs was your favorite?

KS: Our favorite rug is the rug we call “Entwined.” This rug has a ribbon-like design that flows easily with all types of styles. The contrast of a soft background color with a strong ribbon hue creates depth.

SMW: It is almost like choosing amongst one’s own children! But if forced to select one … it would be the “Leland Tartan.” It is based on a custom tartan that I created, and the expression of the colors turned out SO marvelously. The design process is always inspiring because of the team effort involved in the creative process. Our partnership with the design team at Nourison brought an entire new level of creativity to the collection. I have always been — and continue to be — so closely associated with tartans and highland culture, I dare anyone to look at the collection we have created and not think of me!

W&R: We love the “Red Royal Regent.” It reminds us of a rug that Diana Vreeland would have. It is a fashionable classic.

C&J:Badia” is one of our favorites, not just because the ski area that it was named after is one of our favorite in the world, but the outcome of the design process to the finished product on this pattern was really exciting. There are multiple layers to the pattern that started with a simple geometric pattern and we kept layering plaids and then multiple thread colors for texture. We think this rug can be used both in the mountains, but also in an urban environment … both rustic and contemporary.

SG: That’s not a fair question!  It’s so hard to choose.  It’s like saying which one of your children is your favorite. I really love Genesis. It was the first one I designed and it marks a new beginning for me. I love it in the tonal blues but I think the design works well for other color interpretations.

Q. Three words: what describes your design style?

KS: Classic. Tailored. Inviting.

W&R: Timeless. Avant-Garde. Impeccable Quality.

SMW: Classic. Colorful. Dramatic.

C&J:  Eclectic. Soulful. Classic.

SG: Colorful, Contrast, Collected.

Q. Each of you are heavily influenced by your regional audiences. If you had to pick one area outside of that which inspires your design, where would it be?

KS: Paris

W&R: Paris

SMW: The East Coast is dotted with amazing small towns with classic American style — maybe something like a small community in Connecticut. I can certainly see one of our lush tartan carpets used in a remodeled barn in Connecticut.

C&J: European mountain towns like Courchevel, Megevé, and Chamonix … each place for different reasons, but each of these places holds a commonality of rustic elegance that inspires so much of what we do with our design.

SG: I’m really influenced by travel. I’m especially fond of Europe, particularly the countryside as well as the Mediterranean areas. Florence is so inspiring architecturally to me and I love the colors and patterns you see around Barcelona and Madrid. I love the formality of Monaco but there’s also so warm and inviting about it. I have a list of places that I’ve never been to but I constantly get inspiration from research and photos from those areas. Being a lover of color and texture, I’d love to visit Cuba. The architecture there is so intriguing to me.

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